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Which 254 SGX Companies Have Paid Dividends Consecutively For The Last 5 Years?


SGX Companies With 5 Year Consecutive Dividend Track Records

Based on feedback from readers, I’ve updated the old dividend champions spreadsheet. There are now 254 companies instead of the original 153.

The data comes from Thomas Reuters, and is much more accurate than the previous data source.

I’ve included all companies (including financials, REITs, business trusts) that meet the criteria of having paid out dividends to shareholders for the past 5 years.

Access it here.

The Asia Report Episode #2: Developing An Edge In Investing Part 2


Thanks for the feedback and warm response to the first episode of The Asia Report.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Warren Buffetts “Circle of Competence” And Investment Idea Generation
  • How Bruce Berkowitz of Fairholme Funds Operates To Generate Significant Market Beating Returns
  • Thinking Outside The Box In Developing an Edge
  • Why You Have A Big Advantage Just By Virtue of Speaking English
  • And More!