Short excerpt from our internal owners manual:

We live in a world where people of hyperactivity.  Attention spans of investors have gotten progressively shorter.

What used to be measured in years are now measured in months, days or even minutes.

In light of this, our approach is different and deliberately old fashioned.

Building an Enduring Business

Dynastic wealth has always been built on the solid foundation of good business fundamentals, and our approach to investing is the same.

At the heart of our thinking is that we invest in businesses – not pieces of paper.

We focus unapologetically on the long term compounded growth of our net-worth.

We focus on business fundamentals – valuations, management ownership and incentives, legal stability, and market cycles. We judge the performance of our portfolio in the measure of years.

Our aim is to build a business that endures for decades to come.

Our Guiding Principles

This thinking guides our investment approach, and our compensation structures.

A significant portion of our own net-worth is invested alongside yours.

While we cannot promise results, we can assure you that our financial fortunes will move in lock-step with ours.

Our own remuneration will be in proportion to the results that you receive. We hope that you will take solace in that any missteps will see us suffering in the same proportion as you.