How The Superwealthy Plan to Make Sure Their Kids Stay Wealthy & More

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1. How the Superwealthy Plan to Make Sure
Their Kids Stay Superwealthy (LINK)

Passing on a fortune isn’t as easy as it seems. Their research [Preparing Heirs] found that 70 percent of inheritors failed in passing their fortunes on to the next generation.

2. Millionaire (Malaysian) investor uses wealth to help poor  (LINK)

Up until then, he was an executive director in Mudajaya/IJM but gave up his position and invested his time and money in shares.

He started with only RM200,000 to dabble around with and has made money to the tune of millions ever since.

Koon said his trick to mastering the market is to be a “contrarian investor” – one who buys when everyone is selling and who sells when everyone is buying.

3. SGX: 8 Things I Learned from its AGM 2015 (LINK)

Despite the challenges, SGX remains a highly profitable company and is likely to do so in the future simply because it has a virtual monopoly.

Simply said, public-listed companies and investors have no choice but to use the SGX as it is the only stock market exchange in Singapore.

4. Buy Emerging-Market Stocks as Pessimism Peaks, Barclays Says (LINK)-1x-1


5. Traders Flee Emerging Markets at Fastest Pace Since 2008 (LINK)

Investors have pulled $40 billion out of developing economies in the third quarter, fleeing emerging markets at the fastest pace since the height of the global financial crisis.

The MSCI Emerging Markets stocks benchmark has declined 20 percent in the past three months, on track for the biggest retreat in four years.


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